Can Prescription Medicine Cause You to Receive a DUI?

The Truth: Can Prescription Medicine Cause You to Receive an Annapolis, MD DUI?

When you think of a person receiving an Annapolis, MD DUI, you may think he or she was driving under the influence of alcohol. You may even think the person took an illegal drug, such as marijuana or cocaine. However, what about prescription medications like Ambien or Lunesta? Could you receive a DUI for driving after taking such medications? Here, an Anne Arundel County DUI lawyer offers some insight.

Drugs are Still Drugs

Some drivers think that because a doctor prescribed them medications, they are safe to take. However, this isn’t always the case. Legal prescription drugs can cause adverse effects alone, or when combined with other drugs or alcohol. Therefore, don’t assume you are able to drive after you’ve taken such medication, even if it was prescribed to you.

Driving Under the Influence

Taking sleep medication often causes people to feel sedated or even like they have been drinking. Getting behind the wheel after taking this medication could cause you to drive unsafely and ultimately receive an Anne Arundel County DUI.

Receiving a DUI

If you swerve, drive aggressively or perform other driving errors, an officer may pull you over. If you fail your field sobriety test because you took a sleeping pill, you could receive a Maryland DUI.

If you received an Annapolis, MD DUI, you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney. If not, you may receive charges you wouldn’t otherwise.

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