Can I get an Annapolis DUI if I’m stopped at a checkpoint while on my way to Ocean City?

Police officers know that Maryland residents like to go to Ocean City to get away and let loose. Sometimes, they get started on the letting loose factor before they even get there, and wind up drinking in the vehicle or just before they get in. For this reason, they set up sobriety checkpoints on the route to the beach, and if you’re not careful, you may end up one of their victims with an Annapolis DUI.

You Can Get Arrested

You can receive Annapolis drunk driving charges on your way to or from the beach if you are stopped and found to be driving under the influence. If you agree to perform in field sobriety tests or use the breathalyzer and are found to be drunk, an officer can take you to the police station and ultimately arrest you.

Avoid Drinking

Not drinking before you get into the vehicle or once you are inside is the easiest way you can avoid getting a Maryland drunk driving charge. However, if you have, have someone else drive or wait until you are no longer intoxicated to get behind the wheel.

Avoid the Tests

Field sobriety tests are designed to make drivers appear intoxicated. If you think about it, even some sober people have difficulty standing on one leg and saying the alphabet backwards. If you make any mistakes, the officer may think you are intoxicated and arrest you. Therefore, your best course of action is to avoid performing the tests to begin with.

If you received an Annapolis DUI, you could be facing serious charges. Instead of taking the chance of losing your license, going to jail or paying hefty fines by defending yourself, hire an experienced Anne Arundel County DWI attorney for help.

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