To whom do the Maryland seat belt laws apply?

As a driver, knowing the Maryland seat belt laws is certainly beneficial. If you break these laws, you are up to receive certain penalties, which can be quite costly. However, these safety belt laws don’t apply to every Maryland driver, and knowing who they pertain to may prevent you from receiving fines and penalties.

Who is Expected to Adhere to the Laws

  • Class A drivers – those who drive passenger vehicles, such as cars, minivans and small trucks
  • Class E drivers – those who drive large trucks
  • Class F drivers – those who drive large tractor trucks
  • Class M drivers – those who drive multipurpose vehicles
  • Class P drivers – those who drive passenger buses

Drivers who are not expected to wear seat belts in Maryland include those who drive historical vehicles that may not come equipped with safety belts. Additionally, drivers who have disabilities that don’t allow them to wear seat belts are typically void from the law, provided they have written statements from physicians stating as much.

Even if you are abiding by the Maryland seat belt laws, you can still become injured if involved in a Maryland car crash. If this happens to you, you’ll need an attorney to help you receive the compensation to which you may be entitled.

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