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Are charges as a result of Anne Arundel County DUI checkpoints ever dropped?

Unfortunately, no one is perfect, which explains why drivers receive charges from Anne Arundel County DUI checkpoints in the first place. This lack of perfection also applies to police officers, and if they perform the Maryland sobriety checkpoints incorrectly, you may be able to have the charges dropped.


The results of Anne Arundel County field sobriety tests are subjective, meaning they depend on the officers’ opinions. If your lawyer can prove the officer was wrong in his opinion for any reason, you may have your Maryland drunk driving charges dropped.


Many police officers automatically assume that if you are driving during the wee hours of the morning, you are indeed intoxicated. Oftentimes, no matter what you do, like try to explain yourself, they will still say you are guilty. When trying to prove their cases, they can become a little too aggressive in their attempts to collect evidence. A lawyer may be able to prove this, and therefore, have your Anne Arundel County DUI charges dropped.

Attempting to fight charges stemming from Anne Arundel County DUI checkpoints by yourself is a mistake. Having an experienced lawyer on your side may be able to get you the ruling you want.

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