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Can I remove my airbag if I think I’m safer without it, when involved in a Columbia, MD car crash?

Airbags are placed in vehicles to protect the drivers and passengers. However, a few negative aspects of airbags often have motorists doubting their effectiveness. For instance, airbags can cause a variety of injuries, such as broken noses and necks, head injuries and skin burns. If you think you’d be safer without airbags if you were involved in a Columbia, MD car crash, you can have them remove them.


Some dealerships will remove airbag systems for you. Either visit the dealership from which you purchased your vehicle, or call around to a dealership that sells your type of vehicle. They may be able to take the system out for you, if you feel like you’d be safer without the bags if you were involved in a Maryland car wreck.


A mechanic may be able to deactivate the airbags for you. However, doing so is a specialized task and unless the mechanic specializes in your type of vehicle, he or she may not know how to remove the airbags.

Specialty Shops

Visit a shop that specializes in removing airbags for best results. This task is all the employees do all day long, therefore, you know they have lots of experience in this field. However, this service doesn’t come cheap – expect to pay a high price to have your airbags removed.

If you’ve been involved in a Columbia, MD car crash, you are likely stressed, confused and overwhelmed. When you have a lawyer on your side, however, you may feel better about your situation.

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