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Could eating affect my breathalyzer results and contribute to me receiving a Columbia, MD DUI?

Food and alcohol have an interesting relationship. Without food, alcohol can quickly affect your body, causing you to become intoxicated rather fast, and maybe even make you sick. Eating, however, usually calms down the affects. Your BAC – blood alcohol concentration — is affected by food when you blow into a breathalyzer, and here, a Columbia, MD DUI attorney tells you how.


Everyone absorbs alcohol at a different rate. Your body likely absorbs alcohol unevenly, and some parts of your body will become affected, while others are not. The rate at which you absorb alcohol depends on how much food you have consumed. Absorption typically happens fast without much food in your stomach, and slow when you have eaten a good amount.


Although the time in which it takes for your body to begin absorbing the alcohol varies from person to person, the average amount of time is between 20 and 150 minutes. However, this timing depends on how much food you have recently consumed.


Blowing into a breathalyzer machine at the wrong time can cause an inaccurate reading. If a Maryland police officer conducts this kind of test in this time period, when your body is absorbing the alcohol, you could receive an inaccurate reading.

If you wrongly received a Columbia, MD DUI, you’ll need the help of an experienced Maryland DWI lawyer. An attorney will fight for your rights and attempt to prove your innocence, which could result in your charges being dropped and your record clear.

The lawyers of Jimeno & Gray, P.A., are well-versed in Maryland drunk driving laws and will do what they can to get you out of this situation. Call us at (410) 590-9401 for more information and to request your free copy of the book The ABCs of DWIs in Maryland, written by attorney Gregory Jimeno.

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