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What should I do if I’m involved in a Glen Burnie multi-car accident?

One of the most confusing crashes to be involved is one that involves many drivers. Deciding who was at fault and who is a victim can be quite difficult. When you take the right steps after being involved in a Glen Burnie multi-car accident, however, you can improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

Call the Police

Calling the police after you’re involved in an Anne Arundel County car crash improves your chances of proving your innocence. You can explain your side of the story, which may help your case. Additionally, if anyone is intoxicated, a police officer can arrest him on the spot, which is also helpful in showing you aren’t at fault.

Take Pictures and Look for Witnesses

Taking pictures of the accident may help you win your case. Take as many pictures of the Maryland car wreck as you can, including your vehicle and the others involved, tire marks on the road and anything else you think may be helpful. Finding witnesses of the accident is also helpful, as they can give an unbiased account of what took place during the crash.

Hire a Lawyer

The drivers of the other vehicles involved will likely try to put the blame on everyone else, which is why you’ll need to have a Glen Burnie car accident lawyer on your side to prove you weren’t at fault. An experienced lawyer has probably helped other clients in these situations before and will do what he can to help.

Attempting to defend yourself after a Glen Burnie multi-car accident will likely only end in disaster. The prosecution will do all it can to try to prove you are at fault and unless you have a lawyer on your side, he may be successful in doing so.

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