CRPS after Car Accident in Glen Burnie Maryland

When a Car Accident in Glen Burnie, Maryland, Causes CRPS (Part A)

A car accident in Glen Burnie, Maryland, has the potential to result in serious injuries. While some injuries, such as a sprain or broken bone, can be easily diagnosed and treated, other injuries are not so cut and dried. Accident victims who develop complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) after an auto collision may not understand the sensations and pain they are experiencing, which may make filing a claim difficult.

If you believe that your CRPS is related to your car accident in Glen Burnie, Maryland, contacting an attorney who has experience with this condition is in your best interest. Your Glen Burnie attorney can work with your physicians in order to prove your diagnosis and show how it is directly related to your vehicle collision.

What Is CRPS?

CRPS is a type of chronic pain that typically affects the limbs. While some factors, such as heart attack, stroke or surgery, could result in this condition, victims of a car accident in Glen Burnie, Maryland, may also become afflicted with CRPS.

At this time, doctors don’t clearly understand the cause of CRPS. However, you may experience the following symptoms if you have developed this syndrome as the result of a car accident in Glen Burnie, Maryland:

  • throbbing or burning in your arms or legs;
  • swelling at the site of the pain;
  • sensitivity to cold or touch;
  • muscle spasms;
  • muscle atrophy;
  • joint swelling and stiffness;
  • limited range of motion in the affected body part;
  • changes in skin color, texture, or temperature; and
  • changes in nail or hair growth.

The symptoms related to CRPS may vary from person to person and can change. The first signs that people with CRPS typically exhibit include pain, redness, hypersensitivity to touch and cold, and swelling. As the condition grows worse, the limb affected with CRPS may change temperature, alternately becoming cold and hot. Tightness and muscle spasms may also occur. When the disease reaches this point, reversing CRPS may be extremely difficult.

In some cases, CRPS that begins in one limb can spread to another limb. Emotional stress can also exacerbate the pain.

If you feel any of these symptoms following a car accident in Glen Burnie, Maryland, you should immediately seek medical attention and contact a Glen Burnie car accident attorney. The earlier this condition is treated, the more effective the treatment.

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