Issues with Wearing the Wrong Gear while Bike Crash

Wearing the Wrong Gear Could Cause Serious Injuries During a Bike Crash

Seeing a biker wearing shorts, flip flops and a T-shirt while riding is often common place, as is seeing the rider on the back wearing the same get up. Although wearing this kind of outfit may feel good while riding, it is quite dangerous. Unless you wear the proper gear, you put yourself in jeopardy for sustaining serious injuries if you are involved in a bike crash that you may not otherwise.

Road Rash

Road rash occurs when the skin is scraped away, usually from making contact with the ground during a motorcycle accident. Wearing shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts leaves your skin exposed, and at risk for experiencing the scraping. Road rash is typically painful, and can even cause your bone and muscle to become exposed.

Broken Bones

Wearing flip flops on a motorcycle is never a good idea. Flip flops don’t offer any kind of protection, which means your skin can become irritated and you can even break bones in your feet if involved in a bike accident. All riders on motorcycles – both drivers and passengers – should avoid wearing flip flops while riding.

Head Trauma

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Maryland is the law, and when you don’t, you can sustain serious – even fatal – injuries. If your head makes contact with the ground or bike, or any other object during a collision, you could suffer from brain damage, or even worse. Wearing a helmet may prevent that from occurring.

Accidents happen, and they can leave you injured and worried about your future. If you were the victim of a bike crash, you are likely facing costly bills. Don’t wait for the insurance company to give you your share, because it probably won’t be as much as you deserve.

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