Can a Maryland restraining order make an abuser move out of my home?

A Maryland restraining order can protect you in a variety of ways. However, if you live with the alleged abuser, you may wonder how the restraining order can protect you in this circumstance. Here, a lawyer discusses how a Maryland domestic violence protective order may be able to help.

Considerations That Are Taken

In Maryland domestic violence cases in which protective orders are issued, a judge may rule that the offender move out and give you temporary use and possession of the residence. However, the judge takes many different factors into consideration when making this decision, including whose name is on the title, if children live in the residence, how long your relationship with the abuser lasted and your financial information. Additionally, the judge will also look at the history and severity of the abuse, whether you or the abuser has anywhere else to stay and if the offender has a criminal history.

If you are fighting this Maryland domestic violence case by yourself, the judge may not rule the way you desire. However, if you have a lawyer on your side, your chances of getting the Maryland restraining order to state that the abuser moves out increases.

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