How can anti-lock brakes prevent an Annapolis, MD car accident?

Many vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brake systems, and drivers tend to either love them or hate them. However, when used correctly, they may be able to prevent you from becoming involved in an Annapolis, MD car accident.

Pumping Prevents Locking

If you come upon ice or a slippery spot, you may slam on your brakes to prevent your vehicle from going out of control. Unfortunately, this action often causes wheels to lock up, which can cause you to skid or even spin. Anti-lock brakes pump automatically to prevent the wheels from locking, which could prevent a Maryland car crash.

ABS Keeps Tires Healthy

Along with creating a pumping action, anti-lock brake systems also adjust the brake fluid pressure to each tire to try to keep you out of an Anne Arundel County car accident. This action also prevents wheel lock up.

Even when you use your anti-lock brake system correctly, you could still end up the victim of an Annapolis, MD car accident. If this happens to you, you’ll need a lawyer on your side to fight for your rights.

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