How can I avoid receiving an Annapolis, MD DUI?

The only sure way to avoid receiving an Annapolis, MD DUI is to refrain from drinking alcohol all together. Even only one drink can cause you to drive dangerously and give an officer reason to believe you are driving drunk in Maryland. Although you may not be intoxicated, you could still receive drunk-driving charges. However, following a few precautions may prevent you from doing so.

Be Cooperative

Although you know you aren’t intoxicated, you shouldn’t fight with the officer about taking a field sobriety test. Becoming rude or acting inappropriately could make the officer believe you are intoxicated and issue you a Maryland DUI as a result. Staying calm and being cooperative could stop you from receiving such a charge.

Stay Calm

Being pulled over by an officer is enough to stress anyone out, and if you’ve had a drink or two, your anxiety level could become extremely elevated. This stress could cause you to perform badly in the tests and receive an Annapolis DUI when you don’t deserve one. Instead, stay calm and do your best.

Everyone makes mistakes, and if you’ve received an Annapolis, MD DUI you’ll need help. The lawyers of Jimeno & Gray, P.A., are well-versed in Maryland drunk driving laws and will do all they can to help you receive a desirable ruling.

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