How can I prevent seat belt syndrome from happening to my child if we are in a Glen Burnie, MD car crash?

Getting into an accident with a child in the vehicle is a terrible nightmare for many parents. Serious injuries can occur, which can alter the rest of both of your lives. One such issue that can take place is seat belt syndrome, which refers to a few common injuries that happen after a crash, because of the seat belt. Although you can’t totally prevent seat belt syndrome from occurring, you can increase the chances of your child being safe after a car crash by following a few procedures.

Put Your Child in a Booster Seat

Many parents think that their children are completely safe if simply buckled into the seat. However, this is usually not the case. Although the seat belt may keep them in the seat during a vehicle crash, it can also do some damage. If your child is smaller, the seat belt won’t sit in the proper position on him. Laying in these wrong areas can cause serious injuries. However, placing him in a booster seat helps the seat belt stay in the proper position, and may stop him from becoming injured because of the seat belt.

Educate Your Child

Your child may want to feel like he is a “big boy,” and sitting in a booster seat may go against that, particularly if he’s already been sitting in a seat. Educating your child on the dangers of not sitting in a booster seat when in a Maryland auto accident, and how the booster helps, may encourage him to sit in the seat without putting up a fight.

If your child was injured in a car crash, you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney on your side. Seat belt syndrome can be very painful and serious, and require extensive treatment and tests. If you don’t have an attorney fighting for your rights, you may be expected to pay for these fees, and we don’t think that’s fair.

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