Should I try to stop a Glen Burnie drunk driver if I see one on the road?

If you are driving down the road and feel like the person around you is intoxicated, you may be feeling a range of emotions. First, you’re probably a bit shocked that this motorist is driving in such an unsafe state, but then you might become concerned about your safety and the safety of others. Seeing a Glen Burnie drunk driver might prompt you to stop the driver and pull him over, but should you?

Never Attempt to Pull Over a Drunk Driver Yourself

If you see an intoxicated motorist in Glen Burnie, never try to get him to stop and pull over yourself. Doing so could put your safety in jeopardy and cause you and those around you to be put in an unsafe situation.

Get Away, Instead

Riding near a drunken Maryland driver means you may become involved in an accident. To avoid this, try to get away as best you can. If this means pulling over on the side of the road, then do so. Do whatever you can to try to keep yourself safe.

Call the Authorities

The best course of action to take if you spot a drunk driver is to call the authorities. Tell them where the vehicle is, and they will take care of the situation. Allowing them to pull the vehicle over keeps you safe and possibly prevents an Anne Arundel County drunk driving accident.

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