What should I do if the police officer failed to read me my rights during the stop for DUI/DWI in Maryland?

When a Severna Park, Maryland, police officer stops your vehicle and suspects you are guilty of DUI/DWI in Maryland there is a process they follow to determine if you are arrested or not. Most drivers think they must be read their Miranda rights or else their case can be dismissed, but this is not true. An experienced Severna Park, Maryland, DUI lawyer can help explain how the failure to read you your rights can impact your case of DUI/DWI in Maryland.

The requirement to read you the Miranda rights is only appropriate when you are arrested and taken into custody. During the initial stop for suspicion of DUI/DWI in Maryland, the officer does not have to read the rights until they decide to actually arrest you for the crime. Prior to this, anything you say and do can be used against you as evidence.

Once you are made aware that you are being arrested, the officer should read you your rights, which includes the right to a Severna Park, Maryland, DUI lawyer. You should exercise this right immediately and decline to answer any further questions until you have consulted with your DUI lawyer.

The less you say and agree to, the lower your chances of self-incrimination. If you are asked to take a breathalyzer test after the arrest, you should consult with your DUI lawyer first to see if this is in your best interest or not. There are many other nuances of a DUI/DWI in Maryland that your lawyer can advise you on to help your case.

The Benefits of a Severna, Park, Maryland, DUI Defense Lawyer

You’ll want the help of a local Severna Park, Maryland, DUI defense lawyer to help you when you’re facing charges of DUI/DWI in Maryland. When you don’t take action to protect your rights after a DWI/DUI arrest or charge, you can lose them. The Severna Park, Maryland, DUI lawyer team from Jimeno & Gray, P.A., includes former Assistant State’s Attorneys who thoroughly understand and can harness the inner workings of the Severna Park, Maryland, criminal justice system. To best protect your rights in the face of a serious criminal charge, contact us today for a consultation – 410-590-9401.

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