What should I do if the rain and wind becomes too much for me when driving in a hurricane in Maryland?

If you find yourself driving in a hurricane in Maryland, you’ll likely find that the conditions go from bad to worse in no time. Strong winds and rain can make it almost impossible to continue driving safely. If you feel that you can no longer drive in a Maryland hurricane, do you know what you should do? Here, a lawyer offers some tips that can protect you during such severe weather.

Find Shelter

Since hurricane winds are so strong, they can blow vehicles off of the road. And at the very least, they can make it difficult to drive. Finding shelter for you and your vehicle is your best course of action. Pulling under a bridge can protect you from the wind and rain, and allow you to stay safe until you feel comfortable driving again.

Call For Help

If you are trapped somewhere or even feel unsafe under the bridge, call the authorities for help. Although driving isn’t easy for them, either, they have vehicles that may be able to handle the conditions better than yours. Additionally, such drivers are typically trained to drive in severe Maryland weather, such as hurricanes. They may be able to get you somewhere safer than where you are.

Even if you are as safe as possible, you can still become the victim of an accident while driving in a hurricane in Maryland. Someone else’s negligence could cause you to become involved in such a collision.

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