Why does driving in the fog increase my chances of getting into a Columbia, MD car crash?

Traveling in the fog can be dangerous, even for the most experienced driver. In fact, this type of weather situation actually increases your chances of getting into a Columbia, MD car crash. Why, you may ask? The answers may surprise you.

Fog Increases Your Stress Levels

Anytime you are in an uncomfortable situation, your stress level is going to increase. All this added adrenaline in your body can wreck your nerves and impair your ability to drive safelty and rationally. Because of this, you may get into a Howard County car accident. Instead, of beoming stressed, try to remain calm; doing so can keep you safe.

Fog Impairs Your Visibility

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of fog is that it makes things difficult to see. Even a car that is only a few feet in front of you can seem invisible. To help combat this issue, turn on your low beams and drive slowly. Doing so may prevent you from causing a Maryland car wreck.

Fog Slows Things Down

Do you ever notice that you seem to drive slower in the fog than when out of it? Fog has a tendency to make drivers feel like they are driving in slow motion. As a result, some will speed up and get into accidents. Keep an eye on your speedometer and pay attention to how fast you’re driving to stay safe.

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