What can the attorneys at Jimeno Gray P.A., do for me?

Upon retaining Jimeno & Gray P.A., our DUI attorneys will inform you of the important time deadlines applicable to your individual situation and immediately begin working to protect your rights. In addition, we will demand copies of the police reports, require the presence of breath technician at trial and demand you constitutional right to a speedy trial. Having reviewed hundreds of police reports as both prosecutors and defense attorneys, Gregory P. Jimeno and / or Frank C. Gray, Jr., will then work with you to build your defense.

Experience is the key. As former prosecutors, our attorneys are trained to quickly analyze police reports to see what is in them, but to more importantly, what is not. Our attorneys will also accompany you to all court proceedings as well as your initial hearing at the Motor Vehicle Administration. To put our years of experience to work for you in a free initial consultation, call 410-590-9401.

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Attorney Greg Jimeno of MarylandAttorney Greg Jimeno of Maryland

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