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Charges for a Maryland DWI Can Happen in an Invalid Traffic Stop (Part A)

After you’ve been arrested under suspicion of Maryland DWI while driving in Baltimore, a DUI defense attorney may be necessary. One of the common ways your attorney can challenge a Maryland DWI is to review the circumstances of the traffic stop. An invalid traffic stop can often help provide evidence against your charges of DUI in Maryland.

Defining an Invalid Traffic Stop for DUI in Maryland

The Maryland DWI laws consider a valid traffic stop to be one in which the officer has probable cause to believe that you’re violating a traffic law. In this case, the officer must have observed your driving behavior and found it to be suspicious enough to warrant further investigation.

Some of the valid reasons an officer may pull you over while driving include:

  • swerving in and out of lanes;
  • speeding;
  • abrupt stopping and accelerating;
  • driving too slowly;
  • aggressive driving;
  • expired tags; and
  • equipment failure (missing mirrors, burnt-out tail light, etc.).

Even if your traffic stop wasn’t due to your driving behavior, such as an expired tag, the officer will check for signs of intoxication while requesting your information.

If you’re stopped in a big city like Baltimore, DUI defense is a must if you’re going to ensure that your rights to a fair hearing are upheld. An attorney who focuses on criminal defense for DUI in Maryland knows how to examine the details of your traffic stop to see if there was any sort of misconduct involved.

Challenging a Maryland DWI isn’t something you want to attempt without the help of a professional with experience in the Baltimore area DUI defense tactics. There’s much more to know about how local attorneys can help give your case an edge during your hearing and how they can make sure none of your rights were violated during the traffic stop. For professional legal help, call (410) 590-9401.

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