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If you wish to change your legal name in Maryland outside the context of divorce or adoption, you’ll need to follow a specific court-ordered procedure. Jimeno & Gray can help you navigate the process of changing your name.
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Name Changes for Adults in Maryland

If you are an adult wishing to change your name in Maryland, you’ll need to:

  • File a petition with the court in your county of residence and pay the filing fee
  • Demonstrate that the reasons for changing your name don’t involve any illegal purposes like avoiding creditor claims or assuming another person’s identity
  • Wait the required period, which is usually three months in uncontested name change cases

In most cases, the court will approve the new name, but some petitioners may need to attend a court hearing.

Name Changes for Minors in Maryland

The process of a name change for minors may be longer and more complex. The court will want to ensure that the name change serves the best interests of the minor. You’ll need to notify your child’s other parent or any co-guardians of your intent to change the minor’s name and publish a notice in a local newspaper.

In some cases, your co-parent or co-guardian may oppose the name change, for example, if you’ve remarried and wish your child to assume the surname of their step-parent and siblings.

When making a decision about changing a minor’s name, the court may consider:

  • The child’s age and reasonable preference
  • How the name change may affect the child’s relationship with either parent
  • The child’s identity as a member of a certain family

Do You Need a Name Change Lawyer?

Changing a legal name is a fairly straightforward process, but hurdles may crop up if a family court refuses to approve your new name or if your child’s co-parent challenges the name change. To make sure the name change procedure goes smoothly, consult an experienced name change attorney at Jimeno & Gray.

Your name change lawyer can:

  • Help you gather all the legal documents you’ll need for changing your name, like a passport and birth certificate
  • Review your petition and make sure it includes all the necessary information
  • Make sure you notify any relevant parties, like your child’s co-parent or co-guardian
  • Advise you on any restrictions you may face based on your chosen new name
  • Explain your legal options if a court prohibits you from changing your or your child’s name

Jimeno & Gray: Name Change Attorneys Serving Clients Across Maryland

Changing your legal name is an important step. Working with a competent family lawyer can help you avoid delays, pitfalls, and frustrations during the name change process.

Jimeno & Gray can assist you with filing a petition for name change for yourself or your minor child, make sure you comply with all state requirements, and advise you in case any complications arise in the name change procedure.

For a consultation with a Jimeno & Gray name change lawyer based in Glen Burnie, MD, call (443) 232-9479 or fill out our online form.