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Past clients who we’ve helped take control of their life.

Jimeno & Gray was recommended to me by a family friend. They handled my auto accident thoroughly and with wonderful communication. I was very pleased with Mr. Jimeno and Ms. Eckstorm and how well we worked together, If I am ever in need of legal services in the future, I will definitely use Jimeno & Gray again.

Joseph T.

I was truly fortunate to have Mr. Jimeno handle my settlement. It was hard enough with the pain I was going through and the time I was losing from work as well as my family. But he allowed me to concentrate on my recovery as he and his firm took care of all the legal issues surrounding the case.

Sherry F.

Thank you so much for your outstanding work in representing my interests following a car accident. Everyone in the office was friendly and highly professional. You explained everything very well, and helped me make decisions along the way regarding my case. I had choices when seeking legal counsel, and I am pleased that I chose Mr. Jimeno.


While I never wished to find myself facing criminal charges, I am grateful I had Frank in my corner when it happened. Mr. Frank Gray brought order to a chaotic, traumatic, painful situation. He did not waste time. He shot me straight. He laid it all out for me, told me what I needed to do, and I followed his instruction. Frank stood by my side and calmly guided me through the most stressful time of my life. His efforts, knowledge, experience, and determination gave me back my life.

Kristen S.

I can't thank Frank and his team enough. Frank came to the table with a solution that was best for everyone including the courts. When he presented his solutions they were quickly agreed upon by all and set us up for a good outcome. I'm grateful to Frank for helping my family come to this resolution so quickly.

Shane C.

Mr. Gray handled both my divorce and the writing of my last will and testament. I had no issues with deadlines being met during the civil process of my divorce. As well, I feel confident nearly 4 years later of the advice he provided throughout that time. He was both kind and understanding during the difficult process. Since that time if I have had any legal questions, I reach out to Mr. Gray and he always responds to calls and messages promptly. I have complete trust and faith in him as my attorney.

Shari P.

Jimeno & Gray gave us the reassurance that all our bills and correspondence with doctors would be taken care of by them. It allowed us the opportunity to just heal. Our settlement was more than expected and we were pleased with the outcome.


I am very pleased for your hard work and thank you again for the great outcome out of all this mess. I will try my hardest to never need your services again, but will definitely tell my friends and family of our hard work and how experienced you are. Once again, THANK YOU!


My husband was in a legal situation that was completely foreign to both of us. Mr. Gray guided us through the process is a way that kept us grounded and well-informed. Mr. Gray is not only a superb legal counselor but he is also a gifted interpreter of human behavior which gives him a distinct advantage in the courtroom.


Thank you so very much for the tremendous help you have been to our family over the past months. Your compassion, patience, and support meant a great deal to all of us. We are so very grateful to have been working with you.


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