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If a court has issued a protective order against you and you need legal support, our team at Jimeno and Gray in Glen Burnie, Maryland, can help.

We know how shocking and frustrating a protective order can feel. An officer arrives at your door, serves you the official letter with a court date, and you likely have no idea how to respond.

Should you hire a protective order lawyer? Will the temporary order remain on your record? Is a protective order different from a restraining order?

At Jimeno and Gray, we want to ease your concerns and make this complex process as stress-free for you as possible. Contact us by phone or through our website to start the process of responding to and resolving your protective order.

What Is a Protective Order?

When a family member, spouse, or ex-spouse files a protective order against you, you cannot legally contact them or visit them while the order remains active. Violating a protective order is a crime that can land you in jail for months with hundreds of dollars in fines.

Courts only file protective orders for close relationships. Unlike restraining orders, where a stranger could file one against you, protective orders require blood, marriage, or adoption relationships, with a few exceptions. For example, a non-married couple who has been in a sexual relationship for longer than 90 days may also file a protective order.

Grounds for Protective Orders in Maryland

If someone filed a protective order against you, it means they believe some form of abuse occurred. The order itself does not mean you have a criminal charge, though some orders include accompanying charges.

Judges only issue protective orders to accusers for certain scenarios. While they do not need to provide a high level of evidence, they do need to accuse you of one of the following forms of abuse:

  • Actual Bodily harm
  • An imminent threat of physical abuse
  • Rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault
  • Detainment against will
  • Kidnapping

The above allegations can have severe consequences, especially if you face criminal charges. You must comply with the order and contact a protective order lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

What to Do When a Court Issues a Protective Order Against You

If you’re dealing with a protective order, contact an attorney to discuss your options for responding:

  • Complying: You may comply with the order by not contacting the person until the period expires, which will typically take a year or two, depending on if the court grants them an extension.
  • Contesting: If you want to lift the protective order, you will need to take the case to court to prove that the accusations did not occur. Our team can help you collect evidence, testify, negotiate terms, and more.

Your attorney can help you decide the right option for your scenario.

Call an Experienced Protective Order Lawyer Today

Respond to your protective order the right way with legal support. When you need a protective order lawyer in Glen Burnie, Maryland, call Jimeno and Gray at (410) 590-9401 to speak with our team about your case.