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Once a Maryland family law court has finalized your divorce and approved custody, visitation, child support, and alimony terms, you likely want to settle down and adjust to the changes in your life. But what happens if your ex-spouse violates the court order or refuses to pay child support? A competent enforcement lawyer of Jimeno & Gray can protect your best interests and help you overcome enforcement issues.

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Legal Methods for Court Order Enforcement

The court and the various administrative state agencies use different legal methods to force companies and individuals to comply with their financial obligations. For example, if your ex-spouse violates your child or spousal support agreement, the court may:

  • Withhold their wages collect money from their wages to pay spousal support
  • Intercept their federal tax return
  • Place a personal property lien on their real estate or vehicle
  • Suspend their driver’s license, professional license, and even hunting or fishing permit

Additionally, a court may hold a non-compliant spouse in contempt. A person in contempt of court may face an arrest by a law enforcement officer, heavy fines, and time in prison.

Even if your ex-spouse violates your divorce agreement, you must still abide by the agreement’s terms, or you may face civil charges. For instance, you can’t deny your co-parent’s visitation rights because they aren’t paying child support.

Child Support Enforcement Services in Maryland

Maryland’s CSEA (Child Support Enforcement Administration) collaborates with family law courts to enforce child support payments in the state. CSEA runs EPiC, a financial program that collects and distributes child support funds. This program reduces conflicts between co-parents and makes child support available immediately.

The CSEA has the authority to make parents comply with their child support obligations. For instance, CSEA may:

  • Run internal investigations to track and intercept a parent’s salary, bonuses, or lottery winnings
  • Report parents with child support debt to credit bureaus, which could lower the non-compliant parent’s credit score
  • Set up medical insurance coverage for the child and bill the parent who owes child support

Why You Need a Competent Enforcement Lawyer

Enforcing child support or alimony payments can be slow and challenging. The parent who refuses to pay may hire financial services to conceal income or hide assets in hedge funds. Working with a skilled enforcement lawyer can help you uphold the court’s decision more quickly and efficiently.

Your enforcement attorney may:

  • Assess your child support or alimony order and determine how much your ex-spouse owes you
  • Explain your legal enforcement options
  • Put you in touch with relevant compliance programs that facilitate child support payments
  • Take legal action to force your ex-spouse to disclose all their income and assets
  • Negotiate a child or spousal support payment plan with your ex and/or their lawyer

Jimeno & Gray: Enforcement Law Firm Serving Clients Across Maryland

Is your ex-spouse refusing to comply with a court-issued child support or alimony order? Jimeno & Gray can help protect your and your children’s rights by seeking enforcement action.

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