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If you are seeking grandparent visitation or custody rights with your grandchild in Maryland, our team of family law attorneys can help.  

A grandparents’ rights lawyer at Jimeno & Gray has the knowledge and experience to understand your situation and advise you of your options. 

Maryland law protects grandparent visitation rights and custody. However, these cases are complex and require the expertise of a grandparents’ rights lawyer.   

Jimeno & Gray family law attorneys are here to discuss your case and answer your questions.

If you are considering a grandparent visitation or custody action in Maryland, a Jimeno & Gray grandparents’ rights lawyer is available to speak with you. You can reach us by phone, online, or at our Glen Burnie offices. Or click here to schedule an intake call. 

A Maryland family law attorney at Jimeno & Grey will fight to secure your rights.

Your family is perhaps the most important part of your life. Let us help you navigate the legal process to hold onto what matters most.

Grandparent Rights

To establish legal or physical custody of your grandchild, you must demonstrate exceptional circumstances to the court or prove that you raised the child in a de facto parenting role, meaning you acted like a parent in raising the child. Our experienced family law attorneys are here to assist. 


Maryland recognizes certain limited grandparent visitation rights. A grandparents’ rights lawyer at Jimeno & Gray can explain your options during an initial consultation. 


Maryland determines custody based on the best interest of the child. As a grandparent, you must demonstrate exceptional circumstances, that the child’s parents are unfit, or that you had a role like a parent in raising the child. 

Our experienced Maryland family law attorneys are here to help you through this challenging process.

You may be facing a difficult decision to assert rights, a grandparent visitation issue, or seek custody of their grandchildren. We will listen and explain your options so that you can make an informed decision.

Information is the key, and a grandparents’ rights lawyer from Jimeno & Gray can provide it

We help you understand your options and your rights. To get started: 

  • Schedule a Call: Speak with a Jimeno & Gray grandparents’ rights lawyer who will take the time to explain the process. 
  • Develop a Plan: A consultation with our experienced Maryland family law attorneys helps you choose how to proceed.   
  • Pursue a Resolution: We will fight to protect your rights and keep your family whole.

Choose an experienced grandparents’ rights lawyer in Glen Burnie, Maryland

The three courses of action in a grandparent’s rights matter include asserting grandparent rights, requesting grandparent visitation, or filing for custody. 

To establish your right to legal or physical custody in Maryland, you must demonstrate exceptional circumstances. This may include the following: 

  • Length of separation between child and parent 
  • Age of the child 
  • Strength of your bond with the child
  • Safety and physical health of the child

Establishing grandparent visitation in Maryland requires a showing that there are exceptional circumstances or that the parents are unfit. 

To seek custody on the premise that the parents are unfit, you must demonstrate:

  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • Neglect or abandonment
  • Parent’s inability to care for the child

Contact an experienced Maryland grandparents’ rights lawyer at Jimeno & Gray to discuss your case today.