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How to Appeal a Suspended License in Maryland

If you received notice for a supsended license in Maryland as a result of too many points, you likely have a variety of questions, including what you can do about it. Fortunately, you don’t have to lay low and allow it to happen – you can actually contest the suspension. Here, a lawyer discusses how you can appeal your Maryland suspended license.

Request a Hearing

The Motor Vehicle Administration offers hearings for those who don’t believe they should have suspended licenses. The form you receive in the mail that informs you of your suspension should feature detailed instructions on how to go about your request. You have 15 days to request this hearing once the suspension has been issued.

Hire a Lawyer

Going into a hearing without the help of an experienced DUI lawyer is a dangerous situation. A lawyer can help you appeal your case and lay out specific reasons as to why you believe you should still have your license. Although having an attorney on your side doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, it does increase your chances.

Stay Off of the Road

Even if you have gone to court because of your suspended license, you still have to await the final decision before you drive again. Getting caught driving on a suspended license in Maryland while in the appeals process decreases your odds of getting your license back. During this time it is very important to obey the law.

If you want to appeal your suspended license in Maryland, you should have an attorney to help you. Doing so can help you understand the process, which may make you feel more comfortable with the situation.

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