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Are Blown Out Tires Responsible for Your Accident?

Car accidents are never good events. There’s nothing good or great that comes out of a car accident. These accidents happen in a variety ways. They can happen when you’re parked, or when you’re driving through bad weather. They come when you don’t expect them coming. Some accidents happen because of tire mistakes. Your tires keep you moving and when they fail, it is often dangerous and frightening. Tire difficulties on the road can be fatal or leave one with an injury. Tires can let you down for a variety of reasons and it is up to you to keep them well-maintained. Which is not affordable! Bottomline, tires are essential to your success on the road.

Improper Inflation – A Common Mistake

Contributory NegligenceYour tires are only as good as the air that is inside of them. Your tires require a certain amount of air inside of them and if they aren’t inflated properly, they can go flat or even explode. Inflating your tires to the proper amount could prevent you from getting into a car accident. Check the pressure often and always keep the air at the proper level. If they look low check them. If you sense them being off-balance check them.

Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, tires aren’t made to last forever. Eventually, the tread and rubber on them will wear. If you drive the tires after they are worn down, you increase your chances of experiencing a tire blow out. Inspect your tires often to ensure the tread is still thick and that you don’t see any holes or other signs of wear.

The Role of Speeding on Your Tires

Driving too fast can not only get you into a serious and even fatal car crash, but it wears out your tires fast. Adhering to the speed limit lowers your chances of getting a ticket and getting into an accident. Additionally, they make your tires last longer. Keep your tires in an ideal condition and stay safe by driving the proper speed limit.

If your tires are bad it’s worth the $300-$600 to update them with new tires. It can prevent an accident, it will keep your car in good condition and most importantly it will protect you.

Tires Can Be Considered Faulty Equipment

car accident with a bikeWhen tires go and a car accident happens faulty equipment comes into play. If it was obvious that you should have updated your tires it can make you at-fault for the accident, placing the negligence in you for not updating your tires before the accident. That’s obviously if the accident was because your tires malfunctioned. If your car was in an extreme situation where the car clearly slipped on ice and the accident ended up in a car accident lawsuit, the courts will consider factoring in the ice. It will not mean you’re off the hook but it can help your case. It can possibly even help with keeping your insurance premiums low.

If the tires just fell off the car, or popped, and there was something completely unexpected with the tires that resulted in an accident it can help on not getting a traffic ticket. If another driver or any passengers were injured your insurance company will be most likely responsible for paying the bills. If they don’t cover the expenses it can result in a car accident lawsuit if the injured pursue a lawsuit.

Maryland Car Inspection Tire Test

Whenever you register your car with the state of Maryland it will have to pass an inspection. During the inspection the tires will be inspected. This is a great thing because it can help prevent accidents on the road. Be sure to confirm that your car can pass the Maryland standard.

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