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How Juries Determine The Compensation Awards for Car Accident Plaintiffs

Car accident trials aren’t in the movies, they’re starting to appear more and more on court TV but even those car accident trials aren’t what a real car accident trial is like. One unique item that happens often, not always, in a car accident trial is the plaintiff gets to talk to the jury to tell them their side of the story. They can explain out how the car accident has changed their life, or even just explain the damages if severe injuries weren’t the case. Now, the importance of this moment in a car accident trial is the fact that the plaintiff is speaking with the people that will determine the amount the plaintiff will receive. The jury will not just come up with figures off of the tops of their heads; they are actually required by law to consider certain aspects when deciding how much compensation you will be awarded. And every little item will matter when seeking compensation for a car accident.

What Will Be Calculated Into an Award

car accident moneyIf you hire a really good car accident lawyer, like our own, they will not settle for less. An average car accident lawyer in the United States today will just do whatever it takes to get the money and go. They’ll pride the fact that they “won” even though not all the money was accounted for that was lost from the car accident during the case. For instance, you might have lost money from not being able to work, and you might have even had to rent-a-car after you got out of the hospital, costing you an extra 2-3k. You’ll have to prove that with evidence in a court room setting, and some car accident lawyers will not want to go through that process and the money will not be accounted for when the jury determines the total compensation rewarded.

Injuries are Very Expensive and the Jury Knows That

Injuries come in all shapes, and sizes and offer all sorts of different long term challenges that can add up financially. Imagine if your accident was so severe where you had to spend the next few years in a wheel chair and you couldn’t walk. That can add up well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The physical therapy, medical bills, equipment, ability to not work, and the emotional damages from that injury. Occasionally that car accident injury will be a broken arm, and it will make it very difficult to work the next 12 weeks. This can result in an extra 10-20k just to cover your loss of work income. The jury will factor this out, they’ll determine what they believe is the most accurate cost of the damage and then they’ll award the plaintiff that amount.

Those Other Expenses

Surprisingly a car accident can leave a whole variety of expenses. You’ll have auto body expenses, or a financial cost to replace your car. There might have been property in the vehicle that was damaged. Golf clubs aren’t cheap, neither are tablets, or devices that were damaged during the car accident. Those can be added in if the lawyer does a great job at proving they were in the vehicle. With no evidence that can be hard to get.

Juries Aren’t Perfect That’s Why You Need a Good Lawyer

Professional LawyersThey’re people and most of them might have not worked a car accident case before. Our lawyers do a great job at notifying the jurors of all that was lost and damages because of the negligence and unreasonable acts of the defendant. If you want experience, and determination working for you get in-touch with our car accident lawyer Greg Jimeno. We will meet with you for free with a car accident.

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