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Is Faulty Equipment Responsible for Your Car Accident?

You might be at-fault for a car accident because of mechanical error, not necessarily human error. This can give your case against an insurance company a little more help but it will take some careful research by your car accident lawyer to see if you have a chance. If their was a recall on the car previously for a part and that part was responsible for the accident you have a stronger chance. If it was neglect on your end because your old tires haven’t been replaced in a decade, and those tires were responsible for the accident don’t expect the courts to be merciful. Faulty equipment can be related to any item on the vehicle that’s not working properly which ended up being responsible for the accident. With so many different parts on the car there’s so many different ways faulty equipment can be responsible for an accident. Check out our articles listed below to learn more.

A Stalled Vehicle Can Be Responsible for a Crash

Having your vehicle stall out while you are driving is beyond stressful but very dangerous. If you are worried about your vehicle stalling it you better get it thoroughly checked. This is an area where they might be understanding in the courts but it can still cost a significant amount if you lose your car. Stalling out can be fatal on big highways around Anne Arundel, we have some of the busiest highways in the state of Maryland. If you do stall, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe, help your vehicle and get home. The biggest thing is get off the road and make sure the emergency lights are on before you get off the road.

Pull Over ASAP

When you notice your vehicle start to give you trouble, pull over to the right side of the road as soon as you can. Make sure you turn your blinker on and get over as safely as you can. Doing this act alone will help if you were in an accident on the side of the road. Stay in your vehicle and lock your doors until you have figured out how to make your way to your destination, whether someone is coming to pick you up or you have a tow truck on its way. Hanging out outside of your vehicle can be quite fatal and it sadly happens all of the time.

Don’t Try to Fix It

Oftentimes, the first thing drivers want to do is attempt to fix their vehicles. Doing so, however, is extremely dangerous. Standing on the side of a busy road with your head under the hood puts you at risk for becoming seriously injured. Instead, call for help and attempt to fix it when in a safe spot.

Emergency Warning Devices

If possible, use an emergency warning device, like a flare, when you are on the side of the road or broken down in a lane. However, take care when placing them around your vehicle and make sure the coast is clear before you attempt to place them around your car. Not doing so could result in serious injuries.

Changing Your Breaks Can Help Prevent an Accident

Many drivers would agree that the most important part of your vehicle is the brakes. After all, they prevent you from colliding into other vehicles and objects on the road. When your brakes wear, they’ll need replacing. If they aren’t, it will easily cause a wreck.


Hearing a high-pitched screeching noise when you press on your brakes is a sign they need replacing. The sound you are hearing is from a small, metal shim that is used as an indicator for worn brakes. This annoying sound is loud enough for you to hear when the windows are up. If you hear this, there’s a chance your brakes could fail on you and cause a pretty nasty wreck.

Grinding or Growling

Hearing a loud grinding or growling noise is often a sign of worn brakes. This noise typically occurs because two pieces of metal, the disc and the caliper of your brakes, are rubbing together. When you hear this, it’s time to get your brakes checked.


Feeling a vibrating or pulsating sensation when you apply pressure to the brake pedal is an indication you need new brakes. The vibration is caused by warped rotors, which occurs when your vehicle requires a brake change. You could cause a car accident if this issue isn’t addressed.

If despite your best efforts you are still the victim of a car crash, you may be facing costly medical bills. You may be expected to pay for these bills yourself, and we don’t think that is fair. We’re here to help.

A Stuck Gas Pedal

A stuck gas pedal is often a driver’s worst nightmare. Not being able to stop your car or control what is does is terrifying. Such an occurrence can cause a brutal accident, in which you and others could become seriously hurt. One of the most important things to do if this ever happens is to remain calm and not panic. You can also take a few other steps to regain control of your vehicle and get it to safety.

Check the Floor Mat

Sometimes, a floor mat can cause a pedal to stay in its engaged position which can cause a car crash. The mat can situate itself on top of the pedal so that it holds it down, making stopping difficult. If you are unable to stop your vehicle, look down at the pedal to see if the floor mat is the culprit. If it is, attempt to pull it off the pedal, then pull over in a safe spot and remove or adjust the mat so that it doesn’t happen again.

Shift Into Neutral

If the floor mat isn’t the reason your pedal is stuck, you’ll need to put your vehicle in the “neutral” position. Do this by placing both of your feet on the brake pedal, then placing the gear shift down into neutral. This should allow you to slow your vehicle down so that you can get it off of the road.

Turn Off Engine

If your vehicle won’t go into neutral, you’ll need to turn the engine off. Do this by turning the key towards you and into the “Off” position. If your car has an “On/Off” button, hold the button down for three seconds. Doing so should turn the engine off. You should now be able to coast your vehicle into safety.

If you are driving and a vehicle near you has an issue with its accelerator, you could get into a car accident. If this happens, you’ll need help fighting for your rights.

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