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What You Should Know About Points and an Out of Maryland DUI

If you’ve received an out of Maryland DUI, you likely have a lot of questions. You may be aware of the penalties you could receive from a Maryland drunk driving charge, but you may not know what they are when out of state. Here, a lawyer discusses if you will receive points for your out of state DUI charges.

The Driver’s License Compact

Maryland participates in a nationwide program called the Driver’s License Compact. This means that the state in which you received the charges will contact Maryland about your DUI. Therefore, the state does become aware of your out of Maryland DWI.

Receiving Points

Fortunately, the state doesn’t always issue points for DUIs earned outside of Maryland. Typically, unless you have committed a serious crime as a result of your DUI, you will not receive points. Some of the instances that could cause you to receive points include vehicular manslaughter or if a felony was committed while driving the vehicle.

Issuing Points

If you receive points as a result of your DUI out of Maryland, you may wonder how the amount you are issued is decided. The amount of points you receive is the same you would if the DUI occurred in Maryland.

If you’ve received an out of Maryland DUI, you don’t have to fight these charges alone. An experienced lawyer may be able to help you earn a desirable ruling.

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