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Divorce is a major and intricate process. Before making any life-altering decision like this, it is important to seek the experience and expertise of Pasadena divorce lawyers. Going into the process without the right legal aid can put you in a bad spot. Here at Jimeno & Gray, P.A., we are happy to help. We make sure that our lawyers will be available to listen to you, advise you, and help you make the correct decisions regarding your divorce or separation needs. We are happy to explain the process from start to finish while also being compassionate as you go through the process.

Family Legal Matters We Handle

At Jimeno & Gray, P.A., we are happy to offer our clients some of the most experienced family lawyers in Pasadena, MD, to represent them across various family law-related issues. Some of the cases that we handle include:


Getting a divorce is no easy task. Whether you have been served with divorce papers or you are considering initiating the process, we have experienced attorneys who can help. We will help you to understand the process and seek positive resolution of key issues that may arise.

Child Custody

The outcome of your divorce will impact your children. We can help you make sure that they do not have to suffer unnecessarily due to their parents’ bad decisions. Our attorneys will work closely with you to take steps that will protect your relationship with your children even after your divorce has been finalized.

Child Access and Visitation

Issues are bound to arise regarding child access and visitations as part of the divorce process. Our family lawyers are ready to help with modifications and enforcements of visitation rights where needed. Rest assured that we are here to work with you on those issues.


Moving on from a divorce means different things. Whether you are relocating for job reasons or due to a new marriage, we can help. Our attorneys can work closely with you to revisit and modify your child custody and visitation plan. We will strive hard to keep you as an active player in your child or children’s lives.

Child Support

Child support is determined based on a wide range of factors, including the parent’s income. We can work closely with you to ensure that you get the best possible outcome to cater to your child or children’s income.


Looking to modify the earlier terms of your divorce due to changes in circumstances? Contact our attorneys, and we will be more than happy to help. We can help you seek modifications to the terms of your child support, spousal support, and child custody agreements.

Marital Property Division

Dividing assets and properties in a marriage can sometimes be messy. We are at your service in making sure that all assets and properties are fairly distributed. We also ensure that your sole properties are protected during this process.

Divorce Mediation

We have a team of trained and experienced mediators who are happy to help both parties in the divorce see reason and reach an agreement. Our mediators have a high success record, and we are glad to help.

Need Divorce Lawyers in Pasadena, MD?

Whether you have been served with divorce papers or are considering initiating a divorce process, it is important to speak to experienced family law attorneys in Pasadena, MD. Speaking to experienced lawyers is important both for the outcome of the case and your future. If you have children you wish to protect, it is even more important to consult a lawyer to avoid complications later.

At our law office, we are proud to have helped several clients in the past, and we are happy to help you reach reasonable outcomes as you file for divorce. Our attorneys take pride in our ability to reach out to clients to understand their divorce on a personal level. Our Pasadena separation attorney offers personalized legal services with compassion. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good and responsible hands. We will take all of the steps necessary to protect your rights and interests. We will also use the most innovative approaches to address the issues that may arise as part of the divorce process. Let us help you make the process smoother and faster. Choose us today so that you don’t undergo this strenuous and multiplex divorce process alone.