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Dangerous Winds That Could Cause Auto Accidents

4 Types of Wind That Could Columbia Auto Accidents

If you’ve ever driven in the wind, you probably know that doing so can be difficult. You might feel as though the wind pushes you from the front, the back and even the sides, and if so, you are right. You can experience a few different types of winds, and could get into a Columbia auto accident because of them.


Headwinds are the winds that you drive into. They come from the front and push against your vehicle, which can make it seem like moving forward is an obstacle. Driving into steady headwinds makes your vehicle work extra hard.


Tailwinds come from behind, and can actually cause you to get into a Howard County car crash. If they are strong enough, they can cause you to move forward and you can lose control. You may also feel like you are driving faster because of these winds.


Crosswinds are winds that occur on either side of your vehicle. The can make your vehicle feel like you are moving from side to side and if they are strong enough, cause you to roll over or become involved in a car crash. Crosswinds are often found on bridges.


Gusts are a sudden burst of wind. They are often found on bridges, but also occur on typical roads, as well. Strong gusts can cause your vehicle to move, which could cause a Maryland auto wreck.

Driving in windy conditions could cause you to become the victim of a Columbia auto accident. If this is the case, you’ll need the help of a lawyer to fight for your rights. If not, you may end up paying your costly medical bills and vehicle repairs. We at Jimeno & Gray, P.A., don’t think this is fair.

We believe victims of accidents should receive compensation to pay for costs that are incurred as a result. Call us at (410) 590-9401 to find out if we can help. Request your free copy of the book A Crash Course in Maryland Accidents, written by Howard County car accident lawyer Gregory Jimeno, when you call.

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