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When You’ve Been Pulled Over at a Sobriety Checkpoint in Baltimore, Maryland (Part B)

Conducting the Review at a Sobriety Checkpoint in Baltimore, Maryland

Once you’ve made it to the actual review area of your sobriety checkpoint, you’re under the microscope. The officer will approach your vehicle and ask you questions to determine your sobriety. At this time, they’re looking for signs of potential DUI such as follows:

  • Scent of alcohol or other drugs;
  • Visual signs of alcohol or drug possession;
  • Slurred speech;
  • Cognitive impairment;
  • Blood-shot eyes; and
  • Fumbling or coordination problems.

If the officer has reason to suspect you’re intoxicated, they may pull your vehicle aside for further review. If you are arrested, having a DWI defense lawyer review your case can bring to light any unfair practices in the sobriety checkpoint regulation.

Arrests at Sobriety Checkpoints in Maryland

If you raise suspicion of DUI, the officer may conduct further tests to confirm intoxication over the legal limit. This can be done through a chemical test, a physical test, or both. You have the right to refuse the chemical test, but remember that this can result in suspension of your license for a period of 120 days for a first offense or 1 year for second offenses.

Many sobriety checkpoints allow for more accurate chemical testing options rather than the standard portable breathalyzer. In some areas, they may be able to run the larger-scale breathalyzers, or offer urine or blood testing. Still, these methods cannot be considered 100% accurate and results may be contested with the help of a DWI defense lawyer.

The field sobriety tests will be the same as if you’re pulled over for a traffic stop on any other road. These tests can have a high rate of inaccuracy if the pavement is uneven, weather conditions are bad, or you have certain medical conditions that can impair your coordination.

If you’re arrested at a sobriety checkpoint, you have the same legal rights as any other type of DUI arrest. Since there’s a stricter protocol to follow at these stops, you need to be aware of your rights. A Maryland DWI defense lawyer can help you receive a fair trial in your fight against the DUI charges you face.

The Benefits of a Maryland DWI Defense Lawyer

When you don’t take action to protect your rights after a DUI arrest or charge, you can lose them. The DUI lawyer team from Jimeno & Gray, P.A., includes former Assistant State’s Attorneys who thoroughly understand and can harness the inner workings of the Maryland criminal justice system. To best protect your rights in the face of a serious criminal charge, contact us today for a consultation – 410-590-9401.

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