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How Loose Items in Your Vehicle Makes an Annapolis, MD Car Crash Even More Dangerous

How Loose Items in Your Vehicle Can Become Dangerous and Deadly in an Annapolis, MD Car Crash

It’s not out of the ordinary for a motorist to throw a few loose objects in his car and hit the road. Although these items may seem harmless, they can actually become quite dangerous, especially during an Annapolis, MD car crash.

Size Doesn’t Matter

You might think an object the size of a can of peas wouldn’t cause much damage during an Anne Arundel County car accident, but it can actually become quite dangerous. If you are driving fast and have to slam on your brakes or become involved in a crash, that small item picks up lots of speed and force, and can shoot through your vehicle effortlessly, potentially causing severe injuries.

Truth in Numbers

If you are doubtful about the dangers of loose items in your vehicle, consider this. Loose objects in vehicles are responsible for causing about 13,000 injuries a year. In fact, if you are going 55 miles per hour, a 20-pound suitcase could hit you with 1,000 pounds of force during a Maryland car wreck. That force is enough to cut the arm off of a crash test dummy.


Since even trash can become dangerous during an Annapolis car accident, keeping your vehicle clean is ideal. Additionally, keep all of your cargo restrained with nets, anchors or tethers. Doing so could make the difference between minor and major injuries during a car crash.

Becoming the victim of an Annapolis, MD car accident is a stressful and confusing experience. You likely have lots of questions and can’t find the answers you are looking for. A car accident lawyer from Jimeno & Gray, P.A., can try to help.

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