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3 Signs You Are Too Tired to Drive

Signs You Are Too Tired to Drive and Could Cause Auto Accident

Driving while you are tired is not just an inconvenience, but is often quite dangerous. According to the National Highway Safety Commission, at least 100,000 accidents each year are caused by drowsy drivers. Of these accidents, around 1,500 are fatal, and 71,000 cause injuries. Recognizing the signs of being too tired to drive could prevent you from becoming involved in an auto accident.

Difficulty Focusing

Trouble focusing on what is ahead of you, and trouble remembering the last few miles you’ve traveled are often signs of severe tiredness. Daydreaming and having wandering thoughts are also signs you are too tired to drive. Additionally, if your eyelids feel heavy or you can’t stop blinking, you should get off of the road, or you put yourself at risk for becoming injured in a car crash.

Difficulty Driving

Not being able to drive properly is a sure sign you shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Swerving, drifting into another lane, tailgating and hitting rumble strips are all examples of what can happen if you drive when you are too tired. Causing a serious car wreck is also a possibility.

Difficulty Staying Awake

Although having problems staying awake seems like an obvious sign you shouldn’t be on the road, many drivers don’t pay attention to the signals and drive anyway. Doing so puts them and others in danger of becoming involved in a Maryland car crash. Problems keeping your eyes open, head nodding and constant yawning are all indicators that you should pull over.

If you were the victim of a dangerous auto accident that was caused by a drowsy driver, you need a lawyer on your side. If not, you may end up taking the compensation the insurance company offers, which is likely not enough to cover your medical bills, vehicle repairs and other damages.

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