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Top Reasons Couples May Divorce in Maryland

Remember that you’re not alone when you’re going through a divorce in Maryland, nearly half of all divorces end by separation. Before you pursue action though, it’s a good idea to talk your situation over with Glen Burnie divorce lawyers so you can be better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Underlying Cause of Divorce

A divorce is rarely due to a one-time event, nor can it be easily pinpointed to an exact cause. Usually, it’s a gradual disintegration of communication and trust that breaks down a marriage.

There are often signs of marital erosion before the damage becomes irreparable, but because it’s so gradual and subtle many couples don’t recognize it until it’s too late.

This gradual turning away from each other is usually evidenced by a spouse trying to pursue satisfaction outside of the marriage. For example, sometimes the breakdown of a marriage will begin showing up as a husband working extra-long hours or as a wife taking on boatloads of volunteer work.

The bottom line: when one or both spouses begin to recognize that their needs aren’t being met and they start seeking fulfillment elsewhere, the marriage is in trouble.

Top Reasons Couples Cite for Divorce

Many people mistakenly believe the reason most couples get divorced in Maryland is because of money or infidelity. While these issues may be a factor, the primary reason many Glen Burnie divorce lawyers hear couples cite for their divorce is communication problems.

Other reasons couples may seek divorce include:

Considering communication is such a large component to a healthy marriage, it’s important to stay alert to signs of faltering communication lines. If you and your spouse have decided not to reconcile, visiting a divorce counselor may still be instrumental in helping you both ease through the difficult transition.

Spousal Communication and Divorce

Oftentimes, it’s the avoidance of conflict that begins tearing down a couple’s relationship. Instead of talking about and working through tough issues, some people have a tendency to sweep them under the rug and pretend they don’t exist.

After a while, the hill of dirt becomes too large to ignore, arguments ensue, and everything seems to get blown out of proportion. If walls have already been erected between you and your spouse, you can talk to Glen Burnie divorce lawyers and get referrals to divorce counselors in your area who can help you through this difficult time.

It’s important to work on conflict resolution and communication skills, even if you and your spouse are parting ways; this is especially true if there are children involved. The more sincere and open you can be, the easier the transition can be for everyone.

Try keeping a few of these tips in mind throughout your divorce in Maryland to minimize unnecessary conflict:

  • Remember that resolving a problem is more important than winning an argument.
  • Show respect towards your spouse’s input, even if you disagree.
  • Be clear and sincere, respectfully saying exactly what you mean without pretense.
  • Avoid criticism or speaking in a rude manner; it will only exacerbate matters.
  • Call in the help of professionals if necessary to facilitate the communication.

Seeking Divorce in Maryland

Regardless of the exact nature of marital issues, for many couples, there comes a point where too much frustration, hurt, and anger has amassed, and resolution is no longer a viable option.

If you find yourself in this situation and are contemplating getting a divorce in Maryland, you should speak to legal counsel to explain the legalities of divorce and help you lay out a plan for your future.

Contacting Glen Burnie Divorce Lawyers

The divorce lawyers at Jimeno & Gray, P.A., understand the nuances of divorce, child custody and alimony in Maryland. An attorney is ready to help you with your family law needs and answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today for a consultation – 410-590-9401.

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