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Weekend Motorcycle Accidents in Columbia, MD

Why Weekend Motorcycle Accidents in Columbia, MD Are Unique

The weekend is a popular time for motorists to climb aboard their motorcycles and go for drives. Between feeling the air on your skin and viewing the gorgeous sites in the Maryland area, it’s no wonder why so many riders hit the roads on Saturdays and Sundays. However, weekend motorcycle accidents in Columbia, MD are more dangerous than those that occur on the weekdays.

Weekend Dangers

Being involved in a Maryland motorcycle crash is dangerous anytime, but particularly during the weekend. According to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins reported in the August 2012 edition of the Journal of Surgical Research, adults who experienced head traumas during the weekend due to accidents were 14 percent more likely to die than those who suffered from the same injuries during the week.


Although it is unclear why weekend accidents are often more fatal than weekday crashes, there is speculation that it is because of how hospitals are staffed on the weekends. Being involved in a Howard County motorcycle crash is dangerous enough, therefore, taking the proper precautions to keep you and those around safe are essential.

If you are the victim of weekend motorcycle accidents in Columbia, MD, you’ll need someone on your side who can fight for your rights. If not, you may be responsible for paying for medical expenses and vehicle repairs on your own, and we don’t think that is fair.

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