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Along with causing a possible Columbia, MD school bus accident, what else can I expect if I don’t stop properly for a school bus?

Riding behind a school bus requires patience, experience and knowledge of the rules of the road. Stopping when a bus stops not only can prevent a Columbia, MD school bus accident from occurring, but also keeps children safe. When you don’t stop in time, you put lives in danger, and also put yourself at risk for getting in trouble with the law.


Not stopping for a bus can certainly cause a Howard County bus accident to occur, but it can also cost you. Maryland drivers are subject to receive fines if they pass a bus after it puts its lights on. Stop when you see the lights come on and you could prevent yourself from injuring others and receiving these fines.


If a police officer spots you driving past a stopped bus, you are subject to receive a citation. Additionally, bus drivers are now able to take pictures of vehicles that are illegally passing them and hand them in to the police. Stopping at the appropriate time could prevent you from receiving a ticket.

If you were the victim of a Columbia, MD school bus accident, you’ll need the help of an experienced Howard County car crash lawyer on your side. If not, you may be held responsible for medical bills that occurred because of the crash, and we don’t think that’s fair.

The attorneys of Jimeno & Gray, P.A., want to help you on your road to recovery, which includes receiving the compensation you’re entitled to. Call us at (410) 590-9401 to talk to a Maryland car accident lawyer about your case and request your free copy of the book A Crash Course in Maryland Accidents, written by attorney Gregory Jimeno.

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