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As a victim of domestic violence in Maryland, what should I do if the abuser violates my protective order?

A Maryland protective order is supposed to offer victims of domestic violence in Maryland protection. These orders usually require abusers to stay away from victims and those they are close with. But what do you do if the abuser violates the order? Here, a lawyer offers some advice.

Call the Police

Do not attempt to engage in any conversation with the abuser. Instead, find a safe spot and contact the police. They can come and offer you protection from the offender.

Show the Officer Your Protective Order

Unfortunately, a Maryland police officer can’t just arrest someone because you tell him or her to. However, if you show the officer your protective order, which states the offender must stay away from you, that usually provides grounds for arrest.

File Criminal Charges

Tell the officer that you wish to file criminal charges against the abuser. Doing so may place him or her in jail, and ultimately, away from you.

Dealing with domestic violence in Maryland can certainly take its toll on a person. However, you don’t have to go through it alone. An experienced lawyer can offer you advice and help explain the entire process, which may make it easier for you to go through.

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