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Can I prevent a distracted driver from causing a Columbia, MD auto accident?

If you suspect a motorist around you is driving while distracted, you could be at risk for getting into a Columbia, MD auto accident. Instead of putting you and others at risk for becoming injured, you can take a few actions that may prevent a dangerous crash from taking place.

Call the Police

Swerving and slamming on brakes are just a few signs of distracted driving. If you notice a driver exhibiting this sort of behavior, you can call the police to alert them of this motorist. Give a description of the vehicle, along with where you are. Doing so may get this driver off of the road and prevent a Howard County car accident from taking place.

Stay Away

Keeping your distance is one of the smartest actions you can take when driving near a distracted Maryland driver. Pull over on the side of the road or stay far behind the vehicle. If you remain close, you could become injured or worse.

Avoid Stopping the Vehicle Yourself

Never attempt to stop the vehicle yourself. Doing so could put you at risk. Instead, allow trained professionals to handle the situation. You don’t know what kind of state the driver is in, and could put yourself in harm’s way if you try to stop the motorist yourself.

As the victim of a Columbia, MD auto accident, you are probably facing many hardships. You may have costly medical bills and vehicle expenses, along with pain. Let the lawyers of Jimeno & Gray, P.A., help you during this difficult time.

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