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Can loose items in a vehicle cause an Annapolis, MD car accident?

Having loose objects rolling around in your car could cause severe, if not fatal, injuries if you are involved in an Annapolis, MD car accident. The objects can gain a substantial amount of momentum and force during the collision, and hurt those they come in contact with. However, these items can also actually cause crashes to occur. Here, a lawyer discusses how.

They Can Cause Distractions

If an object is rolling around your vehicle while you are driving, it can become quite a distraction. The noise and movement could cause you to lose your focus and experience an Anne Arundel County car wreck. Additionally, attempting to grab and secure the item could also cause an accident.

They Can Cause Problems

A small object in your vehicle can actually prevent you from being able to drive properly. For instance, if an item lodges itself under your brake or gas pedal, you may not be able to use either, which can cause a Maryland car accident. Prevent these issues from occurring by properly restraining them in bags, nets or cargo areas.

Securing these objects in your vehicle can prevent you from causing an Annapolis, MD car accident. Such items could also cause you injuries if you are involved in a crash.

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