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Could the breathalyzer results be wrong, and could a Columbia DUI lawyer help me prove they are?

There is a chance that your breathalyzer results were wrong. Having a Columbia DUI lawyer on your side may increase your chances of proving they were and getting your charge dropped. A variety of issues could cause the results to be wrong, and here are a few:


  • If you have diabetes, the increased amount of acetone in your breath could make your alcohol level look higher than it actually is.

Lack of Calibration

  • Breathalyzers should be calibrated regularly to ensure they read accurately. If a breathalyzer isn’t, there’s a chance it can provide inaccurate results.

Retrograde Extrapolation

  • Depending on the time your breathalyzer was administered, the results could be incorrect. Oftentimes, the officer has you take the test at the police station, then tries to backtrack and figure out what your alcohol level could have been while you were driving, which isn’t always accurate.

A faulty reading can result in a serious Maryland DUI charge you may not deserve. If you believe this has happened to you, contact a Columbia DUI lawyer from Jimeno & Gray, P.A., for help in fighting this false charge.

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