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How can I avoid getting a Glen Burnie, MD DUI at night?

Police are on the lookout to find motorists who have been drinking and driving at night. They will pull drivers over for any reason at all and look heavily for signs of intoxication. They may even think you are under the influence when you aren’t. For this reason, many drivers are wondering how to totally avoiding getting a Glen Burnie, MD DUI at night.

You Can’t

Unfortunately, even if you aren’t intoxicated, you can still wrongly receive charges that state otherwise. As you may have learned, you can still go to jail even if you blow below a .08 – Maryland’s legal BAC limit – on a breathalyzer. If the officer is suspicious you are intoxicated, you are likely getting a Glen Burnie DUI no matter what.

Avoid Drinking to Decrease Your Chances

Although you can’t completely prevent getting an Anne Arundel County DUI, you can lower your chances of getting one by avoiding liquor. If an officer smells alcohol on you, you are almost guaranteed a trip to jail. But if there is no proof at all that you’ve been drinking, you may stay out of trouble.

Skip the Field Sobriety Tests

Performing in field sobriety tests puts you in danger of appearing to be intoxicated, even when you aren’t. An honest loss of balance, performing the test on unstable ground or simply not understanding the directions because you are tired could give you a Maryland DWI. Therefore, your best mode of action is to avoid taking the tests.

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