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I was just involved in a hit-and-run. Should I hire an Annapolis hit-and-run lawyer?

Getting into an automobile accident is a stressful time that can make you do something drastic, such as leaving the scene without exchanging information. This type of action is considered to be a hit-and-run and faces some pretty serious charges. To help you receive the most desirable charge possible, it’s essential to have an Annapolis hit-and-run lawyer on your side. If you fight your case alone, you are more likely to receive a few, if not all, of the hit-and-run penalties.

Hit-and-Run Penalties

If you are convicted of hit-and-run in Maryland, you may be facing a few different charges, including suspended license, loss of vehicle, fines and jail time. None of these potential charges are pleasant and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll receive one or more if you fight this case alone. Hiring a Maryland hit-and-run attorney can help you plead your case and possibly help you receive a lesser charge. Your lawyer can help you better understand your situation and inform you of Maryland laws, so that you might not become involved with such an accident again.

An Annapolis hit-and-run lawyer from Jimeno & Gray, P.A., has your best interests in mind and will do what it takes to ensure you get a fair trial and ruling. Instead of fighting this battle alone, take some of the stress off of yourself by allowing us to help.

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