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I’m afraid this drunk driver I’m riding next to may cause a few Columbia, MD motorcycle crashes. What should I do?

Riding alongside a drunken driver is quite frightening. You never know what he will do next, which puts you and those around him in danger. Since drunk drivers cause many Columbia, MD motorcycle crashes each year, knowing what to do when you see one is essential, as it may save your life.

Alert the Authorities

If you see the signs of a drunk driver in a motorist near you, call the police. By alerting the authorities, you let them know there is a dangerous driver on the road that may cause a serious Howard County drunk driving accident. They will do what they can to find the driver and remove him from the road.

Collect Information

The police are going to need a few pieces of information if they are going to be able to stop the driver. First, you’ll need to describe your location, including what road you are on and in what city, along with any landmarks. You’ll also need to tell the police about the vehicle – its make and model, and the license plate number. Alerting them of this drunken driver may prevent a Maryland drunk driving accident from occurring.

Stay Away

The last thing you want to do if you are suspicious of a drunken driver is to attempt to stop the driver yourself. If the driver is intoxicated, he may act more aggressively than usual and may become violent towards you. Instead, simply stay as far away as you can.

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