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My child was unrestrained and injured in a Glen Burnie, MD car crash. Should I tell my lawyer the truth about him not being secure?

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone wants to admit it. If you were the victim in a Glen Burnie, MD car crash and your child wasn’t properly restrained, you may not wish to divulge this information to your attorney for a variety of reasons. If he was injured, you are likely facing costly medical bills. Here, a lawyer discusses if you should tell the truth about if your child was restrained or not during the accident.

Tell the Truth

In a case regarding a Maryland car wreck, it is extremely important for you to be up front and honest with your attorney. Even if you feel like having your child unrestrained will negatively affect your case, you should still reveal all of the details of the accident. The lawyer will do all he can to help you, but he must have the complete story about what happened in order to do so.

If You Don’t, the Defense Will

Just like your lawyer will do, the defense attorneys will also do their homework by attempting to find out every detail about the case. They will likely already know that your child wasn’t restrained properly. They will also likely bring that up in court, and unless you tell your Glen Burnie car accident attorney about it, he will be unprepared, which could hurt your case.

As the victim of a Glen Burnie, MD car crash, you are entitled to certain rights. Even if your child was unrestrained, you and your family are still victims. Let the law offices of Jimeno & Gray, P.A., help you obtain the compensation you may be entitled to, in order to pay your medical expenses and vehicle repairs.

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