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What are the typical expenses to heal a back injury from a Glen Burnie, MD car accident?

Back injuries are painful, common and costly after a Glen Burnie, MD car accident. Since you are the victim, you probably think your insurance company will give you the money you’ll need to cover the expenses from your accident, but unfortunately, they probably won’t. Here, an Anne Arundel County car crash lawyer talks about the different types of expenses that are often needed to heal back injuries.


Your doctor will need to run a variety of diagnostic tests to determine what kind of injuries you have and how serious they are. These diagnostics could include physical exams, radiographs and MRIs. All of these tests are time-consuming and expensive.


Treatments for back injuries stemming from Maryland car crashes often include medication, physical therapy and surgery. These treatments may only be required for a short time, or throughout the course of your life.

Doctor’s Bills

In addition to the diagnostics and treatments your doctor will run and prescribe, he’ll also take the time to look at you. The time he takes to do this, study your case and decide what you’ll need to treat your injury, will cost you. Unless your insurance company covers this, you’ll be held responsible for the costs.

As the victim of an Annapolis, MD car crash, you are likely facing lots of pain and expenses. If you don’t think you should have to pay for them yourself, you’re not alone. The lawyers of Jimeno & Gray, P.A., think you should receive compensation to help cover these expenses.

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