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What can I do to reverse the affects of alcohol and prevent getting a Columbia, MD DUI?

Sometimes the good times roll too much and people become more intoxicated than they intend. This could be a serious problem, particularly if they had planned on driving. Not only could getting behind the wheel while intoxicated cause an accident, it could also earn you a Columbia, MD DUI, as well. A variety of myths are out there about how to become sober again. Here, a lawyer examines a few.


  • A popular conception is that caffeine will reverse the affects of alcohol. However, there is no proof that drinking coffee or energy drinks will make you sober again. You may have more energy as a result, but you will still likely be intoxicated, which puts you at risk for receiving a Howard County DUI.


  • Mixing drugs and alcohol is always dangerous, particularly prescription drugs. Some think that taking energy pills will sober them up. However, this is usually not the case. Again, the drugs may awaken the drinkers, but will likely do nothing for their intoxication levels.


  • Drinking water is the best method for attempting to become sober. Although drinking the liquid won’t get rid of the alcohol’s effects immediately, it will help to flush it out over time, which could prevent you from receiving Maryland drunk driving charges. Additionally, you can reduce the chances of experiencing a hangover by drinking water in between each alcoholic beverage.

Receiving a Columbia, MD DUI is a stressful experience. Having a lawyer on your side, however, may provide you with some relief. An attorney can help you understand what you are up against, and could help you receive the verdict you desire.

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