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Why am I at risk for getting a DUI in Columbia on the Fourth of July?

Fourth of July is a holiday that is notorious for partying. As a result, the amount of DUIs in Maryland often rises during this time. If you get behind the wheel, you are at risk for getting a DUI in Columbia, and here, a DUI attorney explains why.

Police Are on Heightened Alert

Since the Fourth of July is a holiday in which many drink and drive, Maryland police are looking extra hard for drivers who appear intoxicated. If you display any behaviors that make it seem like you are intoxicated, you may be pulled over and asked to perform a field sobriety test or breathe into a breathalyzer. If you confirm the officer’s suspicions, you may receive a Howard County drunk driving charge.

DUI Checkpoints

The police set up sobriety checkpoints during some holidays and the Fourth of July is usually one of them. The officers will pull over certain vehicles and attempt to ascertain whether or not the drivers are intoxicated. With having these checkpoints, the police typically come into contact with more drivers and therefore, have a greater chance of finding those who are intoxicated.

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