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When you divorced, a family court issued a divorce decree approving the child custody, child support, and spousal support terms between you and your ex-spouse. However, you may need to modify your child support or custody order for various reasons, like dealing with loss of income or moving to a different area.

Our experienced modifications lawyer in Glen Burnie, MD, can guide you through the modification process. Call Jimeno & Gray at (443) 249-7185 for a case evaluation.

Examples of Modification Cases

While a divorce decree is legally binding, its terms may be modifiable. Maryland residents may seek to modify:

  • Child custody. Parenting plans may change if one of the parents moves to another state or presents solid reasons for requesting more parenting time, called a “material change in circumstances”.
  • Child support. The non-custodial parent may ask to lower the child support amount if they lose their job, while the custodial parent may request more child support if the child’s expenses increase.
  • Spousal support. The parent who pays alimony to the other may request to cancel spousal support if they discover their ex-spouse has entered into a new marriage, received an inheritance or found a higher-paying job.

When Will a Court Approve a Modification Request?

    Maryland family law courts examine every modification request on a case-by-case basis. To modify a court order, the parent who requests modification needs to prove there was a material change in circumstances.

    Material changes in circumstances may include:

    • Job loss or substantial reduction in income
    • Plans to move to a different county or state
    • Documented change in the child’s health that requires significant uninsured medical costs
    • Evidence of a parent’s neglect, abuse, or addiction

    Also, if the potential modification involves minor children, the court must ensure that any change in custody or child support plans is in the best interests of the child.

    Do I Need a Modifications Lawyer?

    Divorce agreement modifications can get complicated, especially if your ex-spouse resists your request. In some cases, a modification request may even backfire and result in a court order determining the opposite of what you requested.

    Working with a competent modifications attorney of Jimeno & Gray can help protect your rights and reach an agreement that reflects your current circumstances. Your lawyer can:

    • Revise your current agreement and let you know if you have grounds to request a modification
    • Help you source relevant evidence that supports your modification request, like medical records, payroll records, or professional evaluations
    • Present your case in a convincing way to improve your odds of court approval
    • File the Motion to Modify and handle any other relevant paperwork

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    If you need to make modifications to child custody, child or spousal support, or any other aspect of your divorce agreement, contact a Maryland family law attorney at Jimeno & Gray. Our law firm can help you seek reliable and efficient legal solutions to the change in your family’s circumstances.

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