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Divorcing a Narcissist in Maryland 

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Divorcing a narcissist can be scary and intimidating. Most narcissists tend to be master manipulators willing to do anything to get what they want. They may threaten you financially, over custody, or try to turn your family and friends against you. It can feel hauntingly lonely, but it does not have to be that way. 

At Jimeno & Gray, our family law group has helped many clients through complex and challenging divorces. We are acutely aware of the dangers posed by narcissists, and we know how to counteract their tactics. Our concern is for your well-being, and we will protect your rights.  

Characteristic Narcissistic Behavior

Only a mental health expert can tell if you are married to a narcissist. That said, there are certain identifiable traits, including the following: 

  • Visions of grandeur
  • Beliefs that they are special, unique, or different
  • Obsession with success and power
  • Demonstrating a lack of empathy
  • Displaying a sense of entitlement

In a divorce case, narcissistic behavior can manifest itself in ugly ways. Narcissists often have a history of troubled relationships with friends and family. If you are married to a narcissist, you should expect a tough fight during the divorce proceedings. The family law attorneys at Jimeno & Grey are sensitive to the difficulty a narcissist presents in a divorce proceeding. Our family law team will help you take control of your future.  

Expectations When Divorcing a Narcissist 

It is not uncommon to experience the following tactics when divorcing a narcissist.

  • Attempts to control the proceedings: Narcissists need to have control even when they obtain it through manipulation. This will often arise with delay tactics and a complete lack of cooperation from your spouse.
  • Destroying your reputation: To a narcissist, an unwanted divorce may be grounds for an all-out battle. It is not inconceivable for narcissists to attempt to discredit you and your reputation. 
  • Exploiting children: If you have children, it is not beyond the pale for a narcissist to use them to hurt you and maintain control over you. 
  • Being careless with finances: A narcissist may attack your financial security to make it more difficult for you to proceed with the divorce. 

If you suspect your spouse has narcissistic tendencies, you must speak to an experienced family law attorney who understands this behavior. Then, you can develop a comprehensive legal strategy to protect yourself, your children, and your finances. 

The family law group at Jimeno & Gray understands what you are going through and the best ways to counter narcissistic behavior in a divorce proceeding. You can get started with a 15-minute introductory call with one of our family law team members. We will listen to your situation, propose a legal strategy to meet your needs, and implement it. 

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Divorcing a narcissist presents challenges and obstacles. However, our experienced, compassionate family law attorneys understand narcissistic behavior and how to protect your rights. We will guide you through the process undaunted so you can move on with your life healthily and peacefully. 

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